Schedule an initial call

To book a 40-minute introductory appointment via Skype, just select the day and time that suits you best and fill out the form with the necessary information. You will receive a confirmation email and I will contact you at the desired date.

Please note that the dates are shown in CET or CEST (Central European Time or Central European Summer Time)4

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Objective of the call

In this conversation we get to know each other and discuss your requirements, goals and wishes. We also clarify to what extent transformation coaching can help you and how a classic coaching process works. You then have the option of ordering an individual coaching plan that is presented to you as an offer. This will be coordinated with you. As soon as you agree to the offer, this plan serves as a guideline for the subsequent coaching process, which is billed separately.


The cost of an initial consultation is € 29,00. VAT of 19% is included in the price.