Coaching Offer

Formulate your vision.
Where am I and where do I want to go?
Define specific goals or projects.
What can I do to achieve my vision?
Prioritize and plan.
How do I go about to achieve my goals?
Focus and execute.
Which methods can I use to focus on my goals, in order to successfully implement them?

How I work

I follow a clear solution-oriented approach. Effective remote coaching sessions for teams and individuals are moderated in a pragmatic and professional way. With the support of well-founded and proven agile methods you will get concrete results in no time. I work in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.

Methodology and procedures

The coaching process is always about first understanding where you are, then clarifying where you want to go and defining a way to welcome changes and adjustments.
  • For this purpose, I will discuss with you in a first video conversation what your challenges and goals are.
  • I then develop an individual coaching plan. It defines both, the methods to be used and the time required for each exercise. For that, I use my wide range of agile and innovative methods – including Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup etc.
  • We discuss the coaching plan and arrange the video appointments to conduct the individual sessions.
Design Thinking
Lean Startup
Management 3.0
and many other creative tools


The coaching sessions take place virtually. For this, I primarily use ZOOM as communication tool and MURAL as collaboration tool.

Nothing beats the effectiveness and efficiency of personal communication. Since today’s time demands that we learn to communicate in other ways as well, ZOOM, as well as SKYPE and other tools, are an alternative to communicate directly via video call. Almost as good as personal, with the advantage that both sides can work comfortably from home.

So far, I have always carried out workshops onsite – I traveled long ways to the customers carrying all the materials. This is no longer necessary today. MURAL is a collaboration tool that enables us to work creatively with different methods. Writing on virtual post-its, brainstorming, visualizing and planning has never been so easy.


Initial call

40-minute initial call (individuals & organizations)

Get to know each other & discuss challenges and goals
29 Per appointment, incl. VAT
  • Mutual presentation
  • Understand challenges
  • Define objectives
  • Discuss next steps
  • Discuss budget and time frame

Coaching Plan

Individual coaching plan (Personal)

Creation of an individual coaching plan
48 Per plan incl. VAT
  • Define concrete objectives
  • Choose methodology and tools
  • Define sessions and time frame
  • Present an offer

Individual coaching plan (Organization)

Creation of an individual coaching plan​
128 Per plan incl. VAT
  • Define concrete objectives
  • Choose methodology and tools
  • Define sessions and time frame
  • Present an offer

Coaching Sessions

Coaching hour (Personal)

1 coaching hour = 60 min., incl. preparation and documentation
75 Per hour, excl. VAT
  • Preparation of the session incl. exercises and timing
  • Targeted moderation and facilitation
  • Follow up/documentation

Coaching hour (Organization)

1 coaching hour = 60 min., incl. preparation and documentation
185 Per hour, excl. VAT
  • Preparation of the session incl. exercises and timing
  • Targeted moderation and facilitation
  • Follow up/documentation


This coaching is about reflecting and questioning the status quo and previous experiences in a pre-defined context and a structured manner. The current status is analyzed, including finding the causes, clarifying the challenges, risks, opportunities and successes. The aim is to learn from the results and, if necessary, to generate measures that will lead to future improvements.

With the help of appropriate methods, an ideal desired state (vision) is defined. You formulate concrete and realistic goals and get tools at hand that help you to continue your planning independently. An agile process is also defined that supports you when carrying out your tasks. It also enables you to flexibly adapt your planning to the new findings and conditions, but keep your focus at all times.

You will then be able to actively shape your future with the right tools and clear goals and react flexibly to changes.

The coaching is aimed at private individuals as well as companies and organizations that want to develop and change. To all those who act and shape consciously in an ever faster changing world instead of just reacting and acting in crisis mode at short notice.

If you want to change your professional or private situation personally, as a couple or family, I bring the right tools to accompany this process professionally.

If you as a company or organization feel that you have to make your processes and structures more flexible and agile and at the same time more efficient and effective in order to remain in the market in the long term, I am the right contact and would be happy to advise and accompany you.

The coaching supports you professionally to work out your vision and to design the way to get there. Using a methodical approach, you look at your current situation analytically, draw solid conclusions, define clear goals and a flexible and agile approach to get closer to your vision.

By working with an expert who has experience in moderating workshops using a variety of methods, you will experience an effective and fast process. In the end there is a concrete result and a clear way to achieve your ideal condition.

Taking advantage of professional transformation coaching is a sensible investment that you can make today to face the unknown future in a proactive and safe way.

Agility (lat. Agilis, agere; ‘nimble’, ‘quick’, to ‘set in motion’, ‘keep in movement’) means the ability of an organization or a person to act flexibly, actively, adaptably and with initiative in times of change and uncertainty.

Due to the strong technological development of the past decades, companies – above all in the technology sector – had to find new forms to plan projects and develop products.

Various so-called “agile frameworks” were created, which are based on new values ​​and principles (Scrum, Kanban etc.) and replaced classic project management in many cases. The interplay of different agile methods and processes leads to a more contemporary, effective and efficient collaboration in high-performance teams that can adapt their product development in a flexible way to changing conditions.

The key to this is the implementation of a process of continuous learning and continuous planning and adaptation.

From these frameworks, various elements (methods) can be taken, combined and used together depending on needs and context to make processes more agile and thus more efficient, to deliver results effectively and to remain adaptable.

  1. To start a coaching, start by booking a 40-minute initial call on the website. Here we get to know each other, go roughly through your challenges and goals and discuss the time frame and the budget.
  2. If you decide to work with me after the call, just order an individual coaching plan via the website. I will create a program tailored to your request. It contains the goals to be achieved, and my suggestions regarding the necessary coaching sessions and the content to work on.
  3. The coaching plan is presented in the form of an offer and includes the entire service with the corresponding total price. As soon as you accept the offer, we make the necessary appointments and start the coaching process.

Coaching for private individuals is intended as individual coaching. However, you may want to have a coaching as a team, couple or family. I will clarify this with you in the initial meeting and I will be happy to offer you group coaching at appropriate terms.

In the case of coaching for companies or organization, the coaching sessions are intended for teams of up to 6 people. But also here, the number of participants and other requirements are clarified in advance and offered depending on the requirements at appropriate conditions.

The duration of the coaching process and the number of coaching sessions depend on the challenges, the results to be achieved and the time frame of the client. This is defined in more detail in the coaching plan after the initial call.
But experience shows that on average, between 4 to 6 sessions of 1 to 2 hours each, very concrete and usable results can be achieved.