Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

– Stephen Hawking

Meet the future with initiative. Develop your business or personal life through more agility.

Continuous and quick change is the new reality. Discover new opportunities and potentials. Plan your next steps the agile way.

Take your time now for self-reflection and for change.
Discover new opportunities, think about your future.
Define clear goals.
Plan your next steps.
Learn to react and adapt to constant changes.

Remote Agile Transformation Coaching

Effective remote coaching sessions for teams and individuals are moderated in a pragmatic and professional way. With the support of well-founded and proven agile methods you get concrete results in no time.


For individuals

My coaching offer is aimed at all people who want to take a new path professionally or privately. You can rely on professional support and proven methods to achieve concrete results in a solution-oriented manner.


For organizations

Many years of experience in agile transformation make me a professional and reliable partner for any organization who want to adapt their products, services and processes to the current and future market and user needs.

Isis Hauck

Coach - Transformation und Agility

Isis Hauck

I am an Agile Transformation Coach and support you in preparing yourself for a future in a time when nothing seems certain and change is the only constant. I use my many years of experience and my knowledge of methods and (digital) tools to help people and organizations. I accompany you in reorienting yourself, setting new goals, breaking new ground and remaining adaptable, without losing focus.

How I work

Against the background of the current global conditions, I offer online coaching sessions – with the help of digital communication collaboration tools such as Skype, Zoom and Mural.
The coaching sessions with the clients are individually tailored and prepared. For this, I use a mix of different agile methods and frameworks, such as Design Thinking, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup, Management 3.0 etc.