My services

Areas of my work.

This is an insight into topics with which I can support your company. With innovative methods and years of experience, I lead projects to success.


Support in the creation and implementation of digital transformation strategies, such as the introduction of new tools or a new target operating model.

Operational Excellence

Support in the definition and implementation of holistic continuous optimization strategies, such as improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and performance.

Strategy development

Support in the development, planning and implementation of strategies, including the development of a clear vision, concrete objectives and steps towards realization.

Change Management

Implementation of change management initiatives to support organizational changes such as M&As including gap-analysis, stakeholder and risk identification or the development of communication plans.

Workshop facilitation

Development and moderation of customized remote or personal workshops on various topics such as idea generation, concept development, strategy development.

Agile product and service development

Support in the iterative development of products or services by applying agile methods, including e.g. the definition of the product vision, creation of a product roadmap, planning of sprints, moderation of planning review or daily events.

Optimize your resources

As an outsourced company, I give you the freedom to use my services as required and without long-term commitments.

Strengthen your skills

My skills and experience can complement your existing skills so that your projects can be managed more extensively and effectively.

Reduce your costs and minimize your risks

Using my services can be more cost-effective and less risky than trying to develop the required skills in-house.

Next steps

Ready for a successful collaboration? We can get started together in just four simple steps.

Get in touch with AGILISIS

Get in touch with me! You can write me an e-mail, fill out the contact form or write me through LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your company's needs.

Discuss needs and availability

We will arrange an appointment for a conversation. During this meeting, we will discuss your requirements and needs in detail. We will also check my availability to ensure that we can find a suitable timeframe for our collaboration.

Sign the contract

Once we have clarified your needs and found a common basis, we will set out the details of our collaboration in a contract, including the services, dates, daily rate and payment arrangements.

Start collaboration

Once all the formalities have been completed, we can start working together! I will be at your side throughout the entire process to ensure that your expectations are met and that you are satisfied with the results.

I am ready when you are! Let's discuss together how I can contribute to your success.